Micro Market Provisions

Micro Market Provisions

Customized Food Service Solutions For Businesses in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Burlington, Salisbury & Statesville NC

Alison Industries, Inc.’s most recent complement to the multi-faceted vending services we offer includes Micro Market Provisions. Micro Market Provisions offer a fresh new approach to your workplace. Your custom designed market can offer more items for your employees to browse through and purchase.

Alison Industries, Inc. offers a Free Consultation to customize your Provision Micro market and Market to suit the needs of your space, organization, and employees. Traditional vending is a good food and beverage solution for some customers. In today’s demanding workplaces, we find there is a better solution. This concept was designed to respond to an ever-evolving work place. Micro Market Provisions is transforming on-site vending solutions.
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Variety in food and beverage choices in your workplace responds to employee preferences, healthier life styles, food options, fresh options and having a large variety to select from for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A Fully Stocked Convenience Store, Right Inside Your Business!

We supply you with commercial, glass front reach-in, and open-air coolers which make browsing easier. We also offer commercial microwaves and condiment stands. Your employees will have beautiful retail fixtures, which will show off your market’s large selection of items, and based on preference, more options overall.

Here's What We Do To Make Your Micro Market Better:

  • We install your Vending Machines.
  • We stock your Fresh Market.
  • We manage an unattended 24/7 micro convenience store for you and your employees.
  • We track what food choices and items your employees and customers purchase and make sure to keep the Market stocked with the popular items.
  • We supply bar-coded key tags (prepaid market key tags) for your employee’s convenience. They can load money onto their key tag anytime. They can be kept on a lanyard or keychain and are easily accessible. 

Our Micro Market Provision Markets Are Easy To Use!

  • We offer bar-coded key tags. Your employees can load money onto their key tag at anytime by using a debit card, credit card or cash.
  • You can browse among the many items available.
  • Scan the items at your Market Kiosk.
  • Choose a method of payment.
  • Finalize your purchase.

Enjoy All Your Favorite Foods, Beverages & Snacks With Micro Market Provisions From Alison Vending!

Our Food Service Kiosks Are State-of-the-Art

Break Room Provisions Greensboro, NC
Break Room Provisions Salisbury, NC

Our Kiosks Have The Following Features:

  • Infrared touch screen technology
  • Bar-Code Scanners
  • Bill Acceptors
  • Receipt Printers
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Why Choose Micro Market Provisions Over Traditional Vending?

Micro Market Provisions has become popular among employers and employees. Your employees will be thrilled with the fresh food, a limitless variety of easy to see products to choose from, and the simplicity of use. Micro Market Provisions have proven to be more inviting with an open market environment. To learn more about our products, contact us today.

Flexible payment options keep employees on-site for meals. 

We all want to make our employees happy. A happy employee is a productive employee.
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