Water Service

Water Service

Cool, Clean Water for Businesses in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Burlington, Statesville & Salisbury NC

Our Water Division provides Point-of-Use Water Coolers so customers can enjoy clean purified water without the hassle of replacing or storing 5 gallon bottles.

We use the most current water coolers to ensure you receive clean, refreshing, drinking water in a modem water cooler.

The coolers can dispense cold, hot or room temperature water.
We offer a Point-of-Use Water Cooler that is available with a Hot Spigot and Cold Spigot. Offices, Industrial Break Rooms, Health Care Facilities, Schools and Universities are just a few of our customers that use this service.

We offer a Water Cooler that offers a Room Temperature and Cold Spigot. Both of these units are connected directly to your existing water line. These are bottle free units.

Once these coolers are connected to your water line, no one has to worry about storing or placing 5 gallon bottles on top of a cooler. 
This is a much safer water cooler service and will eliminate injuries and liability.
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